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February 17, 2011

A Business Chart for Music Fans

With the Grammy’s behind us, I thought music fans might enjoy mulling over this chart, which came to my attention courtesy of Bob Lefsetz, a music industry blogger.  It falls into the “a picture is worth a thousand words” category.  

Revenue from digital music is growing, but not enough to make up for the decline in CD sales, which have fallen precipitously since the advent of digital music.  It looks like the music business should be in a state of emergency, yet new music is everywhere, from what I can tell.

 chart of the day, music industry 1973-2009, feb 2011

Lefsetz’ quote: 

“… the CD was the greatest invention in the history of recorded music”

And he is right, at least in the context of generating profits for the music industry.  Yet, while the gross margins on CD’s were massive, the margins on digital music should be even better.  Afterall the production and distribution costs on digital music are minimal.  Sure, the revenue of the music business is declining, but I wonder where the profits are headed.  Oddly, much of what I have read indicates that profits are headed down, under the theory that piracy of digital music continues to damage profitability.  While I am sure piracy has eaten away at music industry profits over the years, it is also true that modern technology has significantly reduced the production costs for making professionally recorded music.  To me it feels like there is more music, i.e., more artists and albums in a greater variety, than ever before.  If it is in fact the case that record labels cannot turn an outstanding profit under these conditions, the problem is more than likely poor management rather than piracy.

It also feels like music has transformed from a Superstar culture to a more journeyman profession.  We have a lot more music and many more acts, but fewer mega-acts and fewer stars.  And I think that’s okay.  It’s now inexpensive to make and distribute music, allowing anyone with creative impulse and ability to try to build an audience.  The barriers to entry are low, and it seems that a creative revolution should follow.  I definitely look forward to that.

I have posted on some interesting D-I-Y artists in the past, including Bon Iver, Animal Collective and the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and as I find more new acts that make great music outside the power base of the music establishment, I will definitely bring them your way.

In the meantime, as an example of where music might be heading, keep an eye on the new Radiohead album, King of Limbs.  It is coming out on Saturday, in all sorts of formats, released by the band itself.

The King of Limbs


February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Jeopardy 2011: Answers and Questions

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SUPER BOWL JEOPARDY 2011 Answers and Questions

Okay – here we go.


If you want to try it without the solutions, i.e., just the answers (no questions) click here.

Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin

The Quarterbacks:

1.             A:  These two (2) starting Super Bowl quarterbacks both started their career with the same team and wore the number 10 in the Super Bowl.

Q:  Who are Fran Tarkenton (VIII, IX, XI) and Eli Manning (XLII)?

2.             A:  These three (3) quarterbacks started in Super Bowls for the (Baltimore/Indianapolis) Colts.

Q:  Who are Earl Morrall (III), Johnny Unitas (V), and Peyton Manning (XLI & XLIV)?


3.             A:  These three (3) Super Bowl winning quarterbacks played their college football at Alabama, although only two of them played for famed Alabama coach Bear Bryant.

Q:  Who are Bart Starr (Packers: I&II) (Bart did not play for Bear Bryant), Joe Namath (Jets: III) and Ken Stabler (Raiders: XI)?


4.             A:  This starting Super Bowl quarterback, who remains in the NFL as of the conclusion of the 2010-11 season, holds the record for the most pass attempts (39) in the Super Bowl without a touchdown pass.

Q:  Who is Kerry Collins (Giants: XXXV)?

5.             A:  This quarterback and current broadcaster holds the record for the highest single game Super Bowl passer rating (150.9).

Q:  Who is Phil Simms (Giants: XXI)?

 6.             A:  This quarterback, known for his ability to make clutch plays late in close games, among other things, also holds the record for the lowest single game Super Bowl passer rating (22.6) for a winning quarterback.

Q:  Who is Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers: XL)?

7.             A:  This quarterback not only made a recent appearance on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” but he also holds the record for most pass attempts (45) without an interception in one Super Bowl game.

Q:  Who is Kurt Warner (Rams: XXXIV)?

8.             A:  This quarterback played his college ball at Grambling State and became the first black quarterback to start a Super Bowl game.

Q:  Who is Doug Williams (Redskins: XXII)?

9.             A:  These four (4) quarterbacks started in Super Bowls for the Washington Redskins (5 total team appearances).

Q:  Who are Billy Kilmer (VII), Joe Theismann (XVII & XVIII), Doug Williams (XXII) and Mark Rypien (XXVI)?

  10.          A:  These three (3) quarterbacks started in Super Bowls for the New England Patriots (6 total team appearances).

Q:  Who are Tony Eason (XX), Drew Bledsoe (XXXI) and Tom Brady (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX and XLII)?


 The Head Coaches:

11.          A:  The only Super Bowl head coach to attend John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio.

Q:  Who is Don Shula?

12.          A:  This three-time Super Bowl head coach known for his devotion to the phillosohpy of “Power Football” also played linebacker at Wichita State University.

Q:  Who is Bill Parcells?


13.          A:  These two (2) Super Bowl head coaches played football for Brigham Young University.

Q:  Who are Andy Reid (Eagles) and Brian Billick (Ravens)?

14.          A:  These two (2) Super Bowl head coaches played their college football at the University of Minnesota.

Q:  Who are Bud Grant (Vikings) and Tony Dungy (Colts)?

15.          A:  This legendary head coach holds the record for most Super Bowl appearances (6).

Q:  Who is Don Shula (Colts/Dolphins)?

16.          A:  These three (3) head coaches represented the (Los Angeles/St. Louis) Rams in the Super Bowl.

Q:  Who are Ray Malavasi, Dick Vermeil and Mike Martz.

17.          A:  These three (3) head coaches are winless in each of their 4 Super Bowl appearances.

Q:  Who are Bud Grant, Marv Levy and Dan Reeves?

18.          A:  These five (5) head coaches have made Super Bowl appearances with two different teams.

Q:  Who are Don Shula (Colts/Dolphins), Dan Reeves (Broncos/Falcons), Dick Vermeil (Eagles/Rams), Bill Parcells (Giants/Patriots) and Mike Holmgren (Packers/Seahawks)?



 19.          A:  These three (3) head coaches represented the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl (6 team appearances).

Q:  Who are Red Miller (XII), Dan Reeves (XXI, XXII, XXIV) and Mike Shanahan (XXXII, XXXIII)?


 20.          A:  These four (4) head coaches represented the (Oakland/Los Angeles) Raiders in the Super Bowl (5 team appearances).

Q:  Who are John Rauch (II), John Madden (XI), Tom Flores (XV, XVIII) and Bill Callahan (XXXII)?


 The MVPs

21.          A:  These three (3) players won the Super Bowl MVP award while playing for the New York Giants.

Q:  Who are Phil Simms, O.J. Anderson and Eli Manning?


 22.          A:  This wide-receiver and Super Bowl MVP, now with the New York Jets, made the game winning catch in Super Bowl XLIII.

Q:  Who is Santonio Holmes?


23.          A:  This Super Bowl MVP and controversial first round draft pick played his college football at Morehead State.

Q:  Who is Phil Simms?

24.          A:  These two brothers won sequential (first one then the other) Super Bowl MVPs.

Q:  Who are Peyton Manning (XLI) and Eli Manning (XLII).

25.          A:  This linebacker is the only Super Bowl MVP to play for a losing team.

Q:  Who is Chuck Howley? (Linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys who lost to the Colts in Super Bowl V (16-13), a game known as the Blunder Bowl for its sloppy play).

26.          A:  This player holds the record for the most Super Bowl MVP awards (3).

Q:  Who is Joe Montana of the 49ers (XVI, XIX and XXIV)?

27.          A:  This team produced the only set of Super Bowl co-MVPs.

Q:  Who are the Dallas Cowboys?

28.          A:  These two defensive lineman were the only set of Super Bowl co-MVPs.

Q:  Who are Randy White and Harvey Martin?


 29.          A:  This Heisman Trohpy winner is the only Kick Return specialist to win a Super Bowl MVP.

Q:  Who is Desmond Howard of the Green Bay Packers?

The Teams

30.          A:  These four (4) current NFL teams have never made a Super Bowl appearance.

Q:  Who are the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars?


31.          A:  These two (2) current NFL teams have not made a Super Bowl appearance since 1970.

Q:  Who are the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets?

32.          A:  These three (3) teams are tied for the most number of Super Bowl losses (4).

Q:  Who are the Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills?

33.          A:  This team holds the Super Bowl record for the most points scored in a quarter.

Q:  Who are the Washington Redskins (35 pts – XXII)?

The Players

34.          A:  This Raiders lineman is the only player to appear in a Super Bowl in three separate decades.

Q:  Who is Gene Upshaw?


 35.          A:  This linebacker, TV commentator and former President and CEO of the Detroit Lions is the only player to earn a Super Bowl ring with 3 different teams (Raiders, 49ers and Redskins).

Q:  Who is Matt Millen?


36.          A:  This running back and fifth round draft pick out of Texas Tech holds the record for most rushing yards in a single Super Bowl game (204 yards).

Q:  Who is Timmy Smith (Redskins: XXII)?

37.          A:  This defensive lineman was known as the “Minister of Defense” and holds the record for most sacks in a single Super Bowl game (3).

Q:  Who is Reggie White (the “Minister of Defense” – Packers: XXXI)?


38.          A:  This wide-receiver and first round draft pick out of Mississippi Valley State holds the career Super Bowl record for touchdowns (7).

 Q:  Who is Jerry Rice (49ers)?

 The Venues

 39.          A:  This stadium hosted Super Bowl I.

Q:  What is the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum?


40.          A:  This city has hosted the Super Bowl a record 10 times.

Q:  What is Miami, Florida?

41.          A:  This city is scheduled to host its first Super Bowl (XLVI) next year.

Q:  What is Indianapolis?

42.          A:  This city hosted the first Super Bowl after the commencement of Operation Desert Storm.

 Q:  What is Tampa, Florida?





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