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March 6, 2014

Another Opinion on Digital Health, Mine…

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A few days ago I was pleased to do an interview with Brian Dolan of mobihealthnews, which served as a basis for his recent article, “Investor Weighs in on Digital Health Startups’ Relevancy.”

Brian gave me the opportunity to talk about some of my favorite digital health companies, including SeeChange, Patient Safe Solutions, Mequilibrium and Glow, in the context of “being immediately relevant.”  What I mean by this is that digital health entrepreneurs cannot count on the same set of forces that propel users toward media-oriented digital applications.  Healthcare has yet to become part of the average consumer’s lifestyle, and until it does there will only be a small number of special applications for modern digital technology and networks.  In the long-term this may change, but the big moment we are facing today is the establishment of a meaningful and hopefully highly competitive individual healthcare insurance market.  As this evolves, digital health will begin to find more applications and more users, because consumers will become engaged in healthcare as their personal responsibility.

Please check out the article, if you get a chance.


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