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October 29, 2015

The Breaking Health Podcast

I am hosting a weekly podcast called Breaking Health where I interview the cutting edge CEOs of todays Digital Healthcare companies.  I’ve been fortunate to have a series of excellent guests including Robert Mittendorff of Norwest Ventrues, Dan Burton CEO of Health Catalyst and Steve Wiggins CEO of Remedy Partners.

The podcast is part of Healthegy’s Digital Health Innovation Summit and Breaking Health newsletter, and is produced by Healthegy’s Content Director Tom Salemi.

New interviews will be coming out weekly and I will be posting updates here, on my twitter account (@Steve_Krupa) and on LinkedIn.

Here’s a direct link to the Breaking Health podcast website, and you can also subscribe to the podcast though iTunes.

I hope you get the chance to listen.



February 28, 2014

Companies (Ideas) for the Times: Glow

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One of the promises of big data is better event predictions.  A prediction has a percentage confidence interval, but the outcome is binary, the event either happens or not, as anyone who has gone “all-in” with pocket aces and lost knows.  The win was, however, highly probable.  So what.

Talk to any fertility expert and they will eventually get around to talking about probabilities too.  There is a data model for getting pregnant and Glow is distributing just that to want-to-be parents. Glow is also demonstrating a very practical application for two other modern trends: crowd-funding and the “quantifiable self” (more on this in the future).  Couples pay $50/month to use the Glow application and monitoring system, which provides ongoing predictive information for the ideal times for a couple to attempt to reproduce, among other things (if you click on the website the FAQ section will take you through the necessary data inputs, but body temperature is one of the inputs, for example).  

The $50/month contribution is held in a funding pool.  If a successful pregnancy doesn’t occur within 10 months that couple gets pro-rata funding from the pool to go against the cost of fertility treatment.  How much money is in the funding pool?  All of the money paid in by couples that did succeed in getting pregnant within 10 months.

The bet is that, over time, with more data and experience, the Glow application will give couples better advice and enable a greater percentage of natural pregnancies, leaving more money in the pool to help finance those couples that absolutely need fertility treatments.

Here’s the link.  Please check it out.  I think it’s a very important idea.

February 4, 2010

Hello world!

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“Hello world!” a default “wordpress” title which I accept as a welcoming to all first timers.  It is 5-Feb-2010 and I am staring directly into infinity, an empty blog. 

This is the new home base of my evolving digital existence, my second realm.  What I have to offer here are ideas and perspectives on subjects near and dear to me.  What I am in search of is comment and intrigue that will give those subjects added meaning to me and to all who choose to come here.  I hope to create a place for learning, teaching and deepening relationships.

My professional time is spent thinking about healthcare, helping entrepreneurs build businesses and managing a portfolio of venture-stage healthcare investments with my business partners (check on us at  New ideas on all three of these subjects are constantly being tested.  I have many, which will eventually make there way onto these pages.  I also come across many new ideas which I intend to share, with full attribution of course.

 The process of building a great business changes constantly.  Ideas on how to finance, govern, market, hire, communicate, motivate, lead and evolve new enterprises interest me greatly, particularly in the context of our nascent digital age.  I also know that for every investor out there, there is an investment model.  As a professional investor I am always on the hunt for new perspectives on choosing and managing investments and building portfolios, and I hope to introduce these perspectives over time.

My life is definitely not all about work, but I do think it is all about digging deeper and pursuing aficionado status in as much as I can handle.  So while I have you here, I hope to explore some of the subjects that inform my free time, hopefully not just as an indulgence, but also as a way of going a little deeper and having a little more fun.

Thanks for joining me, and I look forward to the discussion.

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