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January 28, 2011

Super Bowl Jeopardy 2011

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Every year Mike Francesa of WFAN (radio) in New York puts together an excellent contest featuring Super Bowl trivia.  If you can answer four of Mike’s very difficult trivia questions you can win a trip to the Super Bowl.  It’s a lot of fun to listen to, and it inspired me to create my own take on Super Bowl trivia, Super Bowl Jeopardy 2011, which is certainly less daunting than Francesa’s, but challenging nonetheless.

Since my favorite Super Bowl is XLII (Giants 17 Patriots 14), Super Bowl Jeopardy 2011 features 42 answers.  I will publish the questions next Friday before Super Bowl weekend.  Obviously you can find most of these answers on-line, but if you want to keep the wheels turning, feel free to write in for hints.

The idea is to structure your responses in the form of a question.  For example:

A:  This quarterback won the MVP award in the first two super bowls.

Q:  Who is Bart Starr (Packers)?

Ok – so that’s how it works.  Enjoy.


The Quarterbacks:

1.             A:  These two (2) starting Super Bowl quarterbacks both started their career with the same team and wore the number 10 in the Super Bowl.

2.             A:  These three (3) quarterbacks started in Super Bowls for the (Baltimore/Indianapolis) Colts.

3.             A:  These three (3) Super Bowl winning quarterbacks played their college football at Alabama, although only two of them played for famed Alabama coach Bear Bryant.

4.             A:  This starting Super Bowl quarterback, who remains in the NFL as of the conclusion of the 2010-11 season, holds the record for the most pass attempts (39) in the Super Bowl without a touchdown pass.

5.             A:  This quarterback and current broadcaster holds the record for the highest single game Super Bowl passer rating (150.9).

6.             A:  This quarterback, known for his ability to make clutch plays late in close games, among other things, also holds the record for the lowest single game Super Bowl passer rating (22.6) for a winning quarterback.

7.             A:  This quarterback not only made a recent appearance on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” but he also holds the record for most pass attempts (45) without an interception in one Super Bowl game.

8.             A:  This quarterback played his college ball at Grambling State and became the first black quarterback to start a Super Bowl game.

9.             A:  These four (4) quarterbacks started in Super Bowls for the Washington Redskins (5 total team appearances).

10.          A:  These three (3) quarterbacks started in Super Bowls for the New England Patriots (6 total team appearances).

The Head Coaches:

11.          A:  The only Super Bowl head coach to attend John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio.

12.          A:  This three-time Super Bowl head coach known for his devotion to the phillosohpy of “Power Football” also played linebacker at Wichita State University.

13.          A:  These two (2) Super Bowl head coaches played football for Brigham Young University.

14.          A:  These two (2) Super Bowl head coaches played their college football at the University of Minnesota.

15.          A:  This legendary head coach holds the record for most Super Bowl appearances (6).

16.          A:  These three (3) head coaches represented the (Los Angeles/St. Louis) Rams in the Super Bowl.

17.          A:  These three (3) head coaches are winless in each of their 4 Super Bowl appearances.

18.          A:  These five (5) head coaches have made Super Bowl appearances with two different teams.

19.          A:  These three (3) head coaches represented the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl (6 team appearances).

20.          A:  These four (4) head coaches represented the (Oakland/Los Angeles) Raiders in the Super Bowl (5 team appearances).

The MVPs

21.          A:  These three (3) players won the Super Bowl MVP award while playing for the New York Giants.

22.          A:  This wide-receiver and Super Bowl MVP, now with the New York Jets, made the game winning catch in Super Bowl XLIII.

23.          A:  This Super Bowl MVP and controversial first round draft pick played his college football at Morehead State.

24.          A:  These two brothers won sequential (first one then the other) Super Bowl MVPs.

25.          A:  This linebacker is the only Super Bowl MVP to play for a losing team.

26.          A:  This player holds the record for the most Super Bowl MVP awards (3).

27.          A:  This team produced the only set of Super Bowl co-MVPs.

28.          A:  These two defensive lineman were the only set of Super Bowl co-MVPs.

29.          A:  This Heisman Trohpy winner is the only Kick Return specialist to win a Super Bowl MVP.

The Teams

30.          A:  These four (4) current NFL teams have never made a Super Bowl appearance.

31.          A:  These two (2) current NFL teams that have not made a Super Bowl appearance since 1970.

32.          A:  These three (3) teams are tied for the most number of Super Bowl losses (4).

33.          A:  This team holds the Super Bowl record for the most points scored in a quarter.

The Players

34.          A:  This Raiders lineman is the only player to appear in a Super Bowl in three separate decades.

35.          A:  This linebacker, TV commentator and former President and CEO of the Detroit Lions is the only player to earn a Super Bowl ring with 3 different teams (Raiders, 49ers and Redskins).

36.          A:  This running back and fifth round draft pick out of Texas Tech holds the record for most rushing yards in a single Super Bowl game (204 yards).

37.          A:  This defensive lineman was known as the “Minister of Defense” and holds the record for most sacks in a single Super Bowl game (3).

38.          A:  This wide-receiver and first round draft pick out of Mississippi Valley State holds the career Super Bowl record for touchdowns (7).

The Venues

39.          A:  This stadium hosted Super Bowl I.

40.          A:  This city has hosted the Super Bowl a record 10 times.

41.          A:  This city is scheduled to host its first Super Bowl (XLVI) next year.

42.          A:  This city hosted the first Super Bowl after the commencement of Operation Desert Storm.


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